Evergreen Food & Goods Rescue (EFGR) started as a grassroots operation in 1984. It was founded by four women in a living room in Snohomish County, WA., who were inspired to directly connect with the many individuals “falling through the cracks” of existing, organized, food distribution systems.


Our Mission

Here at EFGR our mission is to work as a vehicle through which our families and our community benefit by our outreach of food and goods products. We accomplish this solely through volunteer work that aims to match usable food and goods with people and agencies that can put these resources to use. EFGR has been functioning since 1984 and continues to this day with renewed efforts towards assisting our community as well as local businesses; and in the process the environment benefits from the avoidance of waste.

Our vision is to establish an environmentally sound, full circle use of resources by reducing waste, assisting businesses in lowering their carbon footprint and aiding families, as well as individuals, within our community. This is best accomplished through closely unified volunteer and leadership teams.

Our volunteer work benefits:

Members - by helping themselves through volunteer work.

The Community - by matching product with agencies, families, or individuals who can get it to those who can use it in supplementing their food, clothing and other needs.

The Environment - by moving any product that is not suitable for human consumption on to local farmers for animal fodder or, as last resort, turned into compost.

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